12 things not to do on a plane

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Of course, you know that the most interesting thing about flights is take-off and landing.

And in the “break” between them, you need to occupy yourself with something, find a point of comfort and relax. Flight attendants are convinced that there are 12 things with which you will definitely not achieve this, because in the air they usually fall out of the “everything is normal, everything as usual” category.

1. Cover yourself with a blanket

No one will wash and clean the blankets between flights, or even treat them with a disinfectant spray. In vain, if you fantasized about it. Just don’t use it.

Usually, free pillows and blankets are fresh only on the first flight, in the morning.

2. Drink a lot of carbonated water

Sugar contained in lemonades will lift your mood a little – that’s a fact! But the bubbles will play an evil joke on you. Due to the specific pressure on board in your stomach, their volume will increase many times.

You will most likely feel bloated and nauseous. Even if these things don’t scare you, think about other passengers.

3. Walk barefoot or in socks

Airplane floors have seen everything from vomit to blood. Flight attendants insist that it is not always properly cleaned. Even broken glass is not particularly thoroughly cleaned!

Worse than that – except to go barefoot to the toilet.

4. Touching something in the restroom

Experts recommend not to check anything by touch, to press the flush button through toilet paper. You shouldn’t sit down either – there are many practical ways to use a public toilet correctly.

5. Eat from a folding table

According to rough calculations, there are 10 times more bacteria on it than on the flush button. This is the dirtiest surface on the ship! Be sure to lay down a napkin, and only then use it.

The reason is simple: the tables are washed, at best, once a day. It is quite likely that there may be urine from a child whose mother changed a diaper, or some snot, etc. If you spilled lollipops, think three times before you put them in your mouth.

6. Throw ice cubes into the drink

Better tell the flight attendant you have a sore throat. Now you will understand why.

Back in 2013, the NBC television company conducted an investigation and found that only 12% of the time the water on the plane was safe to drink. The same applies to ice cubes.

7. Drink coffee or tea

They are made from the same unsuitable water. Even if it is boiled, it is still better not to drink it.

8. Do not drink water at all

Yes, this moment causes mixed feelings.

But you can’t let the body dry out. Buy normal drinking water at the airport (after passing border control).

9. To sit with a stump all the time

You will feel much better if you get up and start moving or doing some exercise. Walk down the aisle (in shoes, of course). Reach up at least a few times without getting up from the chair.

10. Wear contact lenses

Prefer glasses. Dry air on board irritates the eyes, and even more so with lenses.

Moreover, you can fall asleep during the flight. And this is not the best idea when the lenses are on the eyes, do you agree?

11. Sleep before takeoff or landing

Of course, many are exhausted by all these checks and expectations, but don’t be in a hurry to fall asleep…

The fact is that during takeoff or landing, the air pressure in the ears adjusts to a new level of altitude. It is advisable to even keep the mouth open to minimize the severity of the process. And if you sleep, the chance of a headache increases.

Are you falling asleep?! Then chew gum – concentrate and actively!

12. Turn off the ventilation

There was a lot of discussion whether to disable it or not. It was mistakenly believed that low-quality air was blowing from the ventilation. But this is not the case: filters are periodically cleaned or replaced. So if you don’t want to feel bad, let the air blow on you.

Source: falover.ru

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