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Vocal trainer Yana Pasichna (Zhurenkova) is the only Poltava player to win the Challenge Today I will. She also received his main prize – recording a song and an invitation to shoot a music video with famous Ukrainian TV presenters – Lesia Nikityuk and Oleksandr Pedan

She happened to read about the conditions of the Ukrainian Challenge called “Today I will”. Namely – for the first time to do something that you have been dreaming about for a long time, post a photo on the Internet and put under it the appropriate hashtags. Most of all, the singer and vocal trainer were interested in the opportunity to sing with TV stars.

Jana Pasichna, singer, winner of the “Today I Will” Challenge:

– It was just a moment when my friends and I were on vacation and jumping from a cliff on a “tarzanka” and then also flying with parachutes. Then I put these hashtags under a few photos.

There were ten winners from all over the country. They were chosen personally by TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk, known to viewers for the travel shows “Eagle and the Rescue” and “Le minibus”.

Yana Pasichna:

– Of the winners, I was the only one who could sing and have a vocal attitude in principle. So I found it very interesting. But they still recorded everyone and I helped record the participants. We sang the chorus together.

The song “Skyscrapers Girls” was written by Nikityuk. She was immediately shot with a video featuring showman Alexander Pedan. The shooting, which lasted 12 hours, also invited Jan Pasichna. The song and the clip reveal the theme of the billing.

Yana Pasichna:

– The main point is – do not insult others for being perhaps not the same as you, or differing from the ones that you think are ideal.
The video will soon appear on screens. Poltava itself after the shoot is full of new ideas
By the way, this fall the singer wrote a song that became the anthem of Poltava forum of successful women “Created to inspire”.
Larisa SHILO, TV channel “Central”

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