Extremes of environmental activism

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Greta Tumberg is an environmental activist who publicly refused to fly to New York to speak at the UN summit. The official reason given to the media is that the aircraft leaves a very large “carbon footprint”, so this mode of transport is not environmentally friendly, since it damages the atmosphere, destroys the ozone layer, promotes global warming, and the like. Greta does not fly on planes. Never…

She traveled from Sweden to New York on the Malicia II yacht. At the request of Greta, during the crossing of the Atlantic on the yacht was sealed diesel, which for safety purposes should be on every such craft.

The network has already debated the fact that the production of the yacht of carbon fiber leaves no less, but even more “carbon footprint”. But this is not the case. The yacht is supposed to have solar panels and underwater turbines to generate electricity (the engine is silent), but that’s not the case either.

And now, the most important!

Consequently, Greta and the escorts cross the Atlantic on a 20-meter racing yacht with a sealed diesel engine, that is, under sails. The trip takes about 20 days.

The crew of the vessel (excluding passengers) necessary for the yacht to sail anywhere – 5 sailors.

After arriving in New York, Greta rests for a few days, then speaks at the UN summit. For some time after the performance, she still spends in New York, then returns to Sweden in the same way.

The sailors who drove the yacht with Greta and her father flew home from New York by plane. They were replaced by 5 other sailors who had flown Greta back to Sweden for the same 20 days on the same yacht.

Bottom line: environmental activist Greta refused to fly with her daddy across the ocean to save the environment. Through it, ten (!) People crossed the same ocean on the same non-eco-friendly planes, leaving the same “carbon footprint” …

What it is? Naivety or conscious populism?

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